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JSC “Internet Lottery and Betting Group”

Ownership and management of the companies

Reg.No. 304090051

JSC “Internet Lottery and Betting Group” was founded in 2015 to manage and control a group of gaming companies. The founders and shareholders have more than that 40 years of collective experience within the lotteries, betting and gaming markets. The strong and experienced industry executives and entrepreneurs saw an opportunity to develop unique lottery and alternative gaming products to meet the market demand.
“ILBG” has set the goal to become a global player by using it’s industry experience combined with the new technologies to address the changing user behaviuor patterns. Is a developer of innovative projects and concepts within the industry. We bring in-depth knowledge of the industry, long-standing relations with the international gaming organizers and authorities. Currently “ILBG” group cosists of 3 rapidly developing and growing companies:


Holds a lottery license

B2C lottery company

Reg.No. 302719296

JSC “Mesi LT” is a licenced lottery organizer that offers ubiquitous lottery playing experiences across computers, tablets, smartphones, mobile text, call and a network of retail POS. “Mesi LT” gives a new boost to lottery market with the possibilities of reaching new markets and audiences. Furthermore “Mesi LT” lotteries are Tax Free because of the type of the lottery license the company holds.

license nr: 000022



Holds a betting and remote gaming license

B2C betting and remote gaming

Reg.No. 302580829

JSC “ZSGB” is offering online gaming and a wide range of betting products. Modern platform operated by JSC “ZSGB” enables to engage players ubiquitously via computers, tablets and smartphones, and offer them newest games and betting options.

license nr: 0108 & 0090


JSC “Lotomatas”

IT solutions

B2B gaming services

Reg.No. 302718874

JSC “Lotomatas” is a gaming platform development company providing B2B gaming content and support services for clients. Lotomatas aims to be a provider of turnkey and white-label gaming solutions for clients in the gaming industry.




adress:   J. Savickio str. 4 Vilnius, 01108, Lithuania.
gsm:      +37069823887

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